Daily Soup Kitchen, Reading and Toy Library

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Daily Soup Kitchen, Reading and Toy Library
  • Helping Land, Temporary Housing, Brgy 105, Tondo, Manila
  • September 18, 2018
  • 7:30 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Project PEARLS
  • Karen Viel Beblañas
  • 09157094310
  • info@projectpearls.org

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Hi there! We are inviting you to volunteer in our daily feeding program, and reading and toy library!
What is the Daily Soup Kitchen (DSK)?
Project PEARLS launched the Daily Soup Kitchen in July 2015 to provide healthy meals to the most malnourished kids and to ensure that they do not go to school with empty stomachs. For children living in extreme poverty, breakfast can be their one and only meal. A meal that can define if they will survive or not. This is the heartbreaking reality that Project PEARLS aims to change. Through our Feeding Programs, we want to provide a delicious and nutritious meal to children to help decrease the incidence of malnutrition. This is done every day in Helping Land, a slum community in Tondo, Manila. Helping Land is home to hundreds of families whose main source of livelihood is scavenging from garbage. Most of them fill their hunger by relying on “pagpag” – leftover food from restaurants scavenged from trash. (For more information about this, please visit this article.)
What is the Reading and Toy Library?
We set-up the Reading and Toy Library after the feeding program. More than just providing toys for the kids, the reading and toy library provides a safe space where kids can just be kids – they can play around and interact with one another while developing important social skills. In addition, reading books can enhance a child's creativity and imagination.
We need volunteers who can help us in setting up the feeding area, distributing the food, and supervising the children while they are playing. We welcome volunteers who love playing and interacting with kids especially during our dancing exercise!
Join us from Tuesday to Friday and show your love for the kids!
Meet-up place: Canossa Foundation - Scoulla Della Gioia, Radial Road 10, Brgy. 105, Tondo, at 7:45 am. The meet-up point is a red day care near a footbridge. Please follow the map so you won’t get lost: https://goo.gl/maps/xHeydU4tdXU2.
Contact person: Ardee at 09661576844. Please message Ardee at least a day before so you can be informed of any last-minute announcements. Kindly mention that you got his number from iVolunteer website.
Please don’t forget to read our Child Protection Policy and Volunteer Guidelines before volunteering with us. See you soon!
To learn more about our programs and the community that we serve, you may watch this video.
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